We are uniquely placed to offer end-to-end solutions across IT domains

We provide end-to-end Technology services exclusively to the life sciences sector. Our team excel in quality delivery and are selected for their multi year experience in the life sciences space.

Our Service Offerings and capabilities

Infrastructure & Cloud Services

  • Multi Hybrid Cloud Services
  • Infrastructure-as-a-Code
  • Identity and Acces management
  • Cloud Solutions Monitoring & Observability


  • Security Strategy
  • Identity Management
  • Data Security, Anonymization, Obfuscation
  • Data Leak & Intrusion, Detection & Prevention
  • Penetration Testing


  • App/Software Development E2E
  • Digital Strategy & Innovation
  • API Management
  • DevOps Services & Release Management
  • Search-Based Applications
  • Robotic Process Automation


  • Data Strategy, Governance, Processes
  • Data Mesh, Data Fabric implementation
  • Business Intelligence
  • Knowledge Graph
  • Machine Learning

Technology Expertise

We convert problems

We have overcome multiple challenges and here are just some of our recent examples across our client segments.


Scale fast to seize the market

A Biotherapeutics Start Up client required a rapid scale up of processes and underlying technology to support growing demand. They needed to incorporate new sites, consolidate applications, deploy secure and compliant infrastructure. They did not have the depth and breadth of technology knowledge or capacity to design and implement the solutions required or the ability to support them when up and running. The client engaged MIGx to support them on their critical scale up journey. Based on our experience we were able to give a concise direction of what initiatives and projects would be needed, the sequence in which they should be introduced and in the most cost-effective manner. We have become a trusted Technology advisor and partner to the executives at the Company as they see the advantage of our future looking approach giving them the confidence to adopt proactive mentality for scaling without fear of excessive cost and the avoidance of daily firefighting.
“MIGx are my trusted partner and advisor. We have been able to deliver the essentials, whilst looking into the unknown to be ready to enable the significant forecasted growth.”


Managing change in adversity

More established Pharma clients have the benefit of more robust processes, larger IT teams and greater resources. However, they also tend to have greater legacy technology debt and lack the knowledge and experience of operating more modern technologies. Especially the modern technology Stack that supports digital transformation. One of our mid-sized Pharma clients needed MIGx support to enable a major change within the IT organization that could enable the company to adapt to new growth but also to the ever-changing trends in technology. We supported the client by stepping in to support the IT organization changes to ensure the lights remained on and IT support to the business was maintained without further disruption. In parallel we introduced the enhanced processes and provided support for prioritizing initiatives, ensuring that the selection of new technologies aligned with the organization's strategic objectives and optimized software & services to bring them into line with industry leading standards.
“We always felt that they were a true partner on this journey and the technology insights and discipline that they have introduced will help us for many years to come.”


The devil is in the data

Many Big Pharma companies today are investing in strategic and progressive data fabric solutions. The data fabric concept and its capabilities are essential in effectively delivering advanced data products that support business operations. The primary challenge lies in locating relevant data and building a bridge between IT and the business to meet the demand for business operations which can then be facilitated by appropriate technological enablers. We continue to support a large Pharma client with this challenge in the highly complex R&D space. We are providing the overall business and technology direction and governance to the client. We have a deep under-standing of the application landscape and how the data exchanges occur to be able to pinpoint the right data source. Through the application of this knowledge we have enabled significant advancements in delivering cutting-edge data products through the fabric.
“MIGx has been a key to success to this project, providing the glue between the business and IT in delivering the value from data in our source systems.”

Let’s work together

We adopt a strategic approach with all our customers from the first conversation. Please give us a call and let us share details as to how we can add value to your business.

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